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Currently all dry goods are only being ordered once a month if it is not currently in stock There will be a delay in receiving your product up to 21 days.

Lilly White Raffle Box

Every raffle mystery box will include one crested gecko two feeding caps and one 2oz bag of pangea and FREE shipping! There are 140 spots per Lilly white mystery box all of the slots must be filled before the box can be shipped. Each spot is $10 you can choose to buy as little as one or you can choose to buy all 140. after this purchase has been made you will receive an email with a random number between 1 and 140 per spot you purchase. Once all spots are bought you'll receive another email notification of the life number drawing on our Facebook page.


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    Crested Friend

    We specialize in Crested Geckos and we are here to help 24/7 find and maintain you new tropical friend.

    Experienced Breeders

    We've been breeding for 3 years now and just recently started really unveiling and selling our geckos.